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Bundle Monster Boho Bouquet Nail Art

by NAILS Staff | June 20, 2018

Learn how to create a pretty desert nail design using stampers from Bundle Monster. 

1. Apply clear base gel and cure. Wipe inhibition layer. Optional: Place cuticle tape around the nail bed to reduce clean-up time. 

2. Apply stamping polish (or regular opaque polish) onto nail plate BM-S327, then use your scraper card to scrape away the excess polish.

3. Using a clear stamper, quickly pick up the stamped image.

4. Next, use a nail art brush and polish to color in the stamp. Use a variety of colors to dress up the images. 

5. Once the image is semi-dry, stamp it directly on the tip of the nail to create a cute negative space cactus manicure.

6. Use a clean-up brush and acetone to remove the excess stamped polish. 

7. Next, encapsulate your art using a thick layer of builder gel over the stamped image. Cure.

8. To finish, apply gel top coat and cure.

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