As long as they fidget before polishing I’m fine with it. Once I start polishing and they have the urge to fidget, I kindly remind them to refrain from using their phone or I’ll charge them double.

Have a sign that says no phones and enforce it.
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I actually have a few clients that I make look at their phones. They’re always trying to see what I’m doing, by pulling their fingers up as I’m working. It’s very stressful on my hands. Keeping them occupied with their phones is a must for me.
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I stop what I’m doing and tell them that I only have a certain amount of time. If I cannot finish in that amount of time, they will be leaving the salon as is! It stops cell phone use!
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I don’t say anything. It doesn’t bother me. It shouldn’t be a big deal. That’s just the way the world is now. We have to adapt to people glued to their phones.
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I kindly offer to recharge their phone and I plug it in behind me. Problem solved!
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