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Charisma Nail Innovations Nail Art Tutorial

by NAILS Staff | May 21, 2018

Charisma Nail Innovations creative director Anna Wesolowska created this detailed character design using Charisma Nail Innovations Gel Paints and Glimmer Gems Color Powder.

1. After applying Amethyst from the Glimmer Gems Color Powder Collection, use clear acrylic to create the background. Apply Sunflower gel paint to create the base for the face.

2. With Charisma’s Detail Brush, apply Primary White gel paint to create the eye and Primary Red gel paint for the lips. To create the shadow, add Pastel Violet gel paint to the eye and Primary White gel paint on the center of the lips.

3. Blend red gel paint with yellow gel paint to create orange. Paint the shadow around the head with orange, and then add Primary Black and Pastel Violet to the nose and eyebrow.

4. Intensify the shadow by adding Primary Black and Primary Dark Green gel paint under the cheeks, eye, and neck.

5. Apply Primary Blue gel paint for the hair and highlight with Pastel Blue gel paint.

6. Apply Primary Blue, Primary Dark Green, and Primary Black gel paint around the inside of the eye, then apply one thin layer of Gel Sealer and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

7. Contour all parts of the face and the hair with black gel paint. After each step, cure Charisma Gel Paint under an LED lamp for
30 seconds.

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