NAILS Next Top Nail Artist competitor Sammi Newell of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, won the second challenge of Season 5 with her vintage wedding gown design. Newell was inspired by dresses from the 1930s in particular. “I found exquisite dresses made from lace and neck pieces of embroidery and crystals. When I looked at bouquets, I found arrangements that were dressed with vintage jewelry such as brooches and complemented with voile, netting, and lace decorations. This was the main source of inspiration for me with the nails and I wanted to translate the angular style from that era,” she says. Her winning look was a 3-D fantasy set, but here she shows how to do a wearable version as well.

Vintage Couture — Fantasy
1. Buff the surface of the tips. Apply two coats of Luxio Serenity and cure. Apply Matte-On and cure. Wipe the tacky layer. Draw out designs with pencil and paint using Gel Play in White and cure. Fill in embroidery with Gel Play Lace and cure. Trace over with Akzéntz Shine-On and cure.
2. Add bullion to the design along with crystals and pearls using Trinity Gel.
3. Use form papers, Gel Play, Lace Gel, Trinity Gel, and Matte-On top coat to make decoration pieces. See full tutorial at for more detail.
4. Use a mix ratio of 2:1 (2 parts Gel Art Powder and 1 part Gel Play) to make a putty-like consistency. Press out into petals with a sable brush and alcohol. Continue creating petals and attach one at a time using Trinity Gel. Dry brush on Pearlescent Silver powder and add dew drops with Trinity Gel.
5. Assemble pieces of the bouquet. Again, refer to for detailed instructions.

Vintage Couture — Wearable

1. Start with a fresh, nude gel base. Paint an angled French. On the middle finger, paint a deep “V” using two thin coats of CND Shellac Demure, curing in between coats.

2. Using the “V” of the French, draw out a heart using CND Shellac Cream Puff and include dots around the outside to create a lace feel. Cure.

3. Fill the heart with Akzéntz Lace Gel and draw out other lace details. Define the French lines in Cream Puff and cure.

4. Add bullion beads. Use Swarovski Crystals to add details to the hem. Top coat and cure.

Follow Newell on Instagram @sammisparkles.

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