Many nail artists love working with acrylic to create their masterpieces, but Cincinnati’s Marsha Lane (@da_nail_lady on Instagram) took it to the next level. Her fusion of a key as a nail tip caused a stir on the internet, leaving many wondering how she created these nails.
Here, she unlocks her secrets:
1. Take keys to a lock company and have them cut off the head of the key.
2. Prep nails as you normally would for an acrylic set.
3. Apply a tip to the nails and cut it down about 1/3 of an inch to give support for the key.
4. Glue the key to the free edge.
5. Apply acrylic and proceed as usual.
6. File the excess acrylic by the base of the key to make
it flush.
7. After buffing, apply gel top coat at the base of the nail.
8. Add crystals with builder gel to complete the set.

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