For salon owners who want to create their own branded polish collections, starting a polish line can be easier than it appears. Private label manufacturers like Diamond Cosmetics offer a variety of options to suit different sized businesses.

Prospective customers start out by ordering samples to test the product’s quality and select the shades for their first collection. As they select their colors, they can also select from the company’s bottle and cap options and decide what their brand will look like. “We always tell customers that the combination of the bottle, the cap, and the logo are vitally important in their branding efforts,” says Diamond Cosmetics private label sales manager Angela Cates. The number of bottle and cap options depends on the size of the order.

“Once polish colors have been selected, customers can start out with the minimum order of 288 bottles (which must be ordered in multiples of 24 per color or nail treatment),” says Cates. The company will imprint the company name and logo directly onto the bottles, and it also places an ingredient label including country of origin and warning symbols. Customers can even get creative and provide their own names for the colors and treatments. “We consult with you one-on-one and pay particular attention to small or start-up companies,” she says. “In the space of six to seven weeks, an individual can have her own line of nail polish and treatments.”

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