“Many of us start out customer relationships by giving great customer service, but slowly let it fizzle,” says Milady’s Michelle Campbell. She likens it to dating: “At some point we get too comfortable and begin to take the other person for granted. One day, after they’ve left, you wonder what went wrong.” The same thing can happen when clients become too familiar; without meaning to, you stop doing the small things that demonstrate how important they are to you.

Below, Campbell outlines five warning signs that you’re taking your clients for granted.

1. You no longer personally greet your guest at the door. Have you found yourself just waving from your chair? Perhaps hollering across the room? Do you point to indicate what you need your customer to do? (Hi Jane, why don’t you go wash up? I’ll be with you shortly.)

2. You are no longer consistent with your consultations. Are you asking things like, “Same as last time?” or “I’m behind. Are you ready to get started?” Can you honestly say that every client, regardless of her tenure with you, gets two to three minutes of your time to assess her needs?

3. Your client is no longer getting 100% of your attention.Are you stepping away to answer the phone or texting while working with clients? Are you getting involved in other teammates’ conversations rather than focusing your attention on your client? While it’s sometimes necessary to multi-task, be aware of the quality of the time and attention you are providing your guest.

4. Your client has been wearing the same nail style since her first visit. Beware! If you’ve not changed your client’s look in several seasons they are either truly in love with what you’ve given them — or you’ve stopped offering alternatives. 

5. Your conversation revolves around you.Your customers are paying you for your talent, service, and expertise. They are not paying you to hear about the party you went to, the awful divorce you are going through, or how you’re not getting paid enough. Focus your conversations on your guest’s beauty needs and let them lead the conversation. If they ask about your personal life, be polite and give a brief response, then turn the conversation back to them.

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