Celebrating the unlimited career possibilities available to licensed nail professionals, the Beauty Changes Lives CND Master Nail Scholarship recognizes emerging “forces” in nail artistry, including two Spring 2018 winners: LaToya Gregory and Tiffany Williams. CND announced the Master Nail competition in 2017, as an advanced competition for licensed nail professionals wanting to take their career to a new level.

Each winner receives a $1,000 scholarship toward tuition in an advanced nail education program, open stock product and/or travel (where applicable) to attend an advanced nail education program. Information on individual advanced CND courses is available at www.cnd.com/education/classes.

After winning a BCL│CND │Tippi Hedren scholarship in 2016, Tiffany Williams’ career accelerated quickly as she blogged for leading beauty magazines and worked with celebrity nail artist Patricia Yankee’s team at 2018 New York Fashion Week. Most recently, Tiffany accepted a position as a member of Patricia Yankee’s professional salon team in New York City. “Beauty Changes Lives has blessed me in ways I could never imagine,” said Williams. “CND is a huge force in the nail industry and everyday I’m reminded of CND founder Jan Arnold’s advice that your creativity is limited only by your imagination.”

LaToya Gregory of Chicago, Illinois looks forward to using her scholarship to attend CND Master sculptor, painter, and architect classes. “These Master classes will help me take my career to a new level,” says Gregory. While she enjoys the artistry and challenge of attaining new levels of professional excellence, LaToya also appreciates the business opportunities careers in nails present. “I want my young daughter to see me as an example of hard work, networking, and providing great artistry and client service,” says Gregory.

“The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation is inspired by the creativity and passion that characterizes this unique educational opportunity available exclusively to licensed Nail Professionals,” said  BCL Foundation President Lynelle Lynch. “These winners embody not only the creative and entrepreneurial qualities that distinguish leaders in the nail business, but also the passion for ongoing education and professional development.”

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