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30 Marvel's Avengers Nail Art Designs

by Katherine Fleming | April 25, 2018

1. Avengers Assemble

2. Wakanda Represent

3. Getting the team together

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4. Little Avengers

5. Superhero team-up

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6. Captain America and Spider-Man, two New York kids

7. Winter Soldier

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8. If they can't protect the earth, they'll avenge it

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9. We spot Gamora and Nebula!

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10. Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord

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11. Hulk Smash

12. Civil War

13. Hawkeye

14. Black Widow

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15. Infinity Stones

16. Captain America

17. Black Panther, the shield, and Thor post-Ragnarok

18. Always angry

19. Loki

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20. We are Groot

21. Showdown

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22. Ant-Man

23. God of mischief

24. Rocket raccoon

25. Infinity War

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26. Infinity gauntlet at your fingertips

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27. Cute little Thor and Hulk

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28. Swipe left to see Yondu!

29. Cap's on a mission


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30. Thanos the mad titan

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