I engrave my initials with the drill on my metal instruments so that my coworker doesn’t swipe them.
Ashley Umgelder, Wellington, Fla.

Take them home with me, even if I have to every night.
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I have an old makeup case that holds all my more expensive or personal products, and I put that in my locker or take it home when I’m not working.
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Put a mark or initial on each of your supplies with a marker or nail polish — or scratch your initials on them.
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I work in an amazing hair salon with one other nail tech. No one touches or bothers our displayed glitters, foils, or gels! It’s a great feeling that you don’t have to worry whether you locked your drawers or cabinets when you left.
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Usually if you set a boundary they won’t cross it. I never ask to borrow things from people so it doesn’t give them an outlet to come to me when they need to borrow something.
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I keep mine locked in a cabinet at my station. The only things that are easy to access are simple ones, like toe separators, bowls, tub liners, and other random items. The important and expensive items get locked up and catalogued, including my implements.
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My co-worker and I have such a great relationship that she is welcome to borrow anything she needs. It’s not about keeping stuff away from each other, it’s about helping each other grow.
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I never have any problems. We are all good with each other here in the nail room. I keep some supplies at work and bring home my most expensive items with me at the end of every shift in a case.
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