Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Mister Jalapeño

by NAILS Staff | April 20, 2018

1. Apply foil glue and allow it to dry. Stamp the nail with red, silver, and green transfer foil. Add a clear coat of gel-polish and cure.

2. Use gel paint to create a red jalapeño with arms. Cure. Use black gel to paint a mustache and smile. Cure.

3. Add eyes and teeth with white gel paint. Add a white line at the edge of the “tail.” Add detail to the eyes with black gel paint. Cure. Apply top coat and cure.

4. Use acrylic to build a 3-D sombrero on his head and 3-D maracas at the ends of his arms. Allow to dry.

5. Add lines and dots to his accessories with lime green gel paint and red gel paint. Cure. Apply matte gel top coat and cure.

Felicia Cruz, Nuvó Hair Skin Nail Bar, El Paso, Texas @felysnailworld

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Nail Design

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