After Puerto Rico was hit by devastating hurricanes in 2017, Cuccio educator Marilyn Garcia, who is from Puerto Rico, knew she had to help. Although she and her son live in California, many of her family and friends were affected by the storms.

“Words cannot describe the anguish I felt watching the hurricane devastate my home and uproot the lives of my family,”  Garcia says. “I knew before it was over I had to do whatever I could to help them all rebuild. That is when my Cuccio family stepped in.”

Company founders Roby and Tony Cuccio and their staff collected food, clothing, blankets, and other necessities to send to Puerto Rico. They also flew Garcia’s mother to Los Angeles and provided her with an apartment.

“For over 35 years my wife and I have put our hearts and souls into building a global family and brand,” Tony Cuccio says. “When we saw what Marilyn’s family and friends in Puerto Rico were going through, we knew it was time to do what we do best. And that was to help out in a big way!”

In addition to the food drive, the company has created the Cuccio Hurricane Nail Tech Survivor Box to provide Cuccio educators and professional nail technicians with tools and products to help them get back to work as quickly as they can. The box will be sold by Puerto Rican beauty distributor La Española.

“When I heard that the company was building these boxes I just broke down and cried,” says Garcia. “I now know that my decision to move to California and work for this family was the best decision in my entire life. I will forever be grateful to everyone at Cuccio for being there when I needed them most. They truly became the anchor I needed in this storm.”

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