For NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Season 5 Challenge 7, sponsored by Gel II, contestants were asked to create a theme park on 10 nail tips using multidimensional sculpting as well as hand-painting. Contestants used the company’s new 4D Gel to create their thrilling nail art. Nail artists can learn a lot from the techniques our NTNA contestants used. Some of the techniques they used to bring their fantastical theme parks to life can be applied to everyday art hacks as well.

For nail inspiration, check out the amazing art the NTNA contestants created for the Thrill Seeker Challenge. Read more below about the techniques the contestants used, then use your imagination and try out these art hacks! Feel free to share what you create with your 4D Gel products on social media.


Play With Colors

You can mix different shades of gel to create an endless variety of colors. Hemi Park blended 4D Gel colors to create bubble gum pink and lavender shades. You can also create a different look using the mixture. 

Halley Fortenberry used a mixture of green and white 4D Gel to create a peppermint swirl look for her theme park design.

Halley, Hemi, and Kostadina Tsihlas made beautiful gradients by applying several colors of 4D Gel next to each other, then using Sculpting Solution and a brush to blend the colors, creating the color-fade effect.

The gel makes a good base for art, too. Dana Cecil and Ashton Harlan painted intricate designs on top of their 4D Gel creations using acrylic paint or gel-polish before applying top coat.

Gel II's 4D Gel is available in 18 colors that can be mixed to make virtually endless shades. To see all 18 colors, click here


Place Textures In and On the Gel Before Curing

Adding different textures can be a great way to add interest to your nail art. Kostadina cured small amounts of 4D Gel in various colors on a nail form, then cut the cured gel into small pieces with scissors. When she scattered the flakes of gel onto a layer of uncured gel, it created a cute multicolored candy sprinkle effect.  

Texture can also be added when the gel is applied. 4D Gel is very forgiving and easy to sculpt with the help of the Sculpting Solution. Halley applied 4D Gel with a brush using a stippling motion to give her ice cream creation some texture. Halley, Kostadina, and Valerie all used the tail end of a dollop of 4D Gel to drizzle over the nail for a fun zigzag effect — Halley recommends cleaning up the curves with Sculpting Solution for a more precise look.

Hemi used a cuticle pusher to help her apply a very thin stripe of 4D Gel. Valerie pressed fine netting into a layer of 4D Gel before curing to create a design.

Adding glitters and crystals is another great way to add sparkle to a nail design. Valerie says 4D Gel makes a perfect base for glitter — simply remember to apply your glitter before curing.

Take Advantage of the Top Coat's and Base Coat's Versatility

Halley used Gel II’s top coat to her advantage in her design. She applied gel-polish onto uncured top coat to help it blend more easily, creating a smooth marble effect.

The base coat can also be tinted with gel-polish to create a transparent color, as Valerie did to create a syrup effect.

Layers of top coat can also be painted onto a nail form or wax paper and cured to create clear shapes and textures. Dana created her roller coaster track this way.

Visit Gel II to learn more about the product. Also, see the article "4 Things You Need to Know about 4D Gel" to learn about the latest tecnology from Gel II.

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