Gel II’s new 4D Gel system allows you to take unlimited time to shape before curing to a strong, light, and durable finish. Available in 18 colors, it can be used to create natural nail overlays or nail enhancements using nail forms or tips. The product soaks off easily using the same techniques as gel-polish removal.

1. Prep the nail with a dry manicure. Push back the cuticle and lightly buff the natural nail plate. Wipe away all dust. 

2. Apply 4D Nail Keratin Bond to the natural nail only and allow to air dry.

3. Apply 4D Nail Base Coat to the nail and/or tip and cure  for 50 seconds.

4. Squeeze out a dollop of pink 4D Gel and place on nail using knife tool. Dip a small flat brush sparingly into Sculpting Solution and use it to shape the 4D gel from cuticle to smile line.

5. Once you reach the desired shape, cure for 50 seconds.

6. Squeeze a dollop of Opaque White 4D Gel and use the knife tool to place it on the tip of the nail. Use Sculpting Solution to shape the white gel to the edge of the nail and form the tip. 

7. Once you reach the desired shape, cure for 50 seconds. The white 4D Gel may need two curing cycles because of its high pigmentation.

8. Use a 180-grit file to shape and buff the gel surface. Wipe away all dust. Apply 4D No Cleanse Top Coat and cure. Finish with cuticle oil around the nail.

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