Chico, Calif.-based nail tech Shannon Pomeroy created this design to represent the Taurus zodiac sign. Follow her on Instagram @polished530.

1. Prep the nail, file, and buff.

2. Create an ombre from teal to black. Top coat the nail, cure, buff, and clean off any dust.

3. Hand-paint a bull’s head, lettering, and an earth sign using Young Nails Mission Control Gel in white (this also works as a base or background for other colors).

4. Use pigments and a makeup brush to create the galaxy.

5. Finish the galaxy by adding white Mission Control Gel and bleeding it with alcohol. Add stars. Top coat and cure. Use white Mission Control Gel to create the constellation. Add a 3-D silver star for texture. Top coat, cure, and clean off any dust.

6. Use foil glue and gold foil to cover the bull’s head and part of the earth sign. Use Kokoist Blackest Black to add detail to the bull’s head, the earth sign, and the lettering. Add a black arrow to the top of the nail to fill in space.

7. Use teal and orange Mission Control Gel to fill in the lettering and earth sign and to add extra detail. Apply top coat and cure.

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