It looks like cashless commerce is alive and well in the nail industry. We took to Facebook to ask nail techs what sorts of things they’ve bartered their services for. Swapping nail services for haircuts and massages turned out to be a popular trade — but some of you have been even more resourceful:

Crystal Smead: I traded a client nail services for the use of her husband — he painted the interior of my nail studio! I’ve also traded for hotel stays, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, hair appointments, even a Keurig and a vacuum cleaner.

Jessica Warzyniak: I trade for what my insurance doesn’t cover for my glasses and contacts. My eye doctor is the coolest girl I know, so my glasses are the coolest!

The Nail Whisperer: I give free pedicures to a lady who reads my stars for me — a full-blown astrology reading every time.

Kimberly Marzinzik Fraser: A beautiful ring my client was wearing. I also traded a pedicure for a Keurig and I’m currently bartering a slip cover for my couch.

Shallamar McAfee: My hair, lashes, and pedicure got my daughter’s wedding dress cleaned and preserved and got all the makeup and hair done for her wedding.

Tanya Dangl: A lit-up glass block for my daughter’s Paris-themed bedroom.

Melissa Schumann: Tattoos, massage, makeup services, hair services, horse tack.

Caitriona Hill: Cashmere and bags and bags of kids’ second-hand clothes.

Beth Hale: Artwork and some custom-knitted hat and gloves.

Connie Marchand Bezaire: Therapeutic massage for my hubby.

Deanna Beem: Facials, hair, house cleaning, and oil changes.

Melissa Weaver: Massages, hair appointments, personal training sessions, babysitting, and swim lessons for my kids.

Pam Newcomer: Work on my rental units.

Lorri Silvestre: House cleaning services, hair services, and tattooing.

Jeanny De Jongh: Life coaching for nails.

Mara Vaill: Accounting services.

Marie Rodriguez: A $2,000 Yves Saint Laurent handbag. 

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