Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Negative Space Mates

by NAILS Staff | January 25, 2018

1. Apply Bio Seaweed base gel and cure. Paint a heart-shaped outline with pink gel (Presto #147) and cure.

2. Paint two coats of the same pink gel on the base of the nail, but carefully avoid the outlined heart. Leave the heart as negative space. Cure. 

3. Use Presto Bambina Liner to outline the inside of the heart with white gel. Cure. 

4. Use Gossip Diamond Gel to apply a thin layer on the outside of the heart. Place small metal studs around the edge. Cure. 

5. Apply Bio Seaweed no-wipe top coat and cure. 

Amber Eichner, Fingerbang, Portland, Ore. @mizmurf @fingerbangportland

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