1. Apply a first coat of pink gel-polish (Bio Seaweed Gel  #117) and cure. Apply a second coat and do not cure.

2. Use a brush to lightly dab Mylar flecks onto wet gel. Cure. Apply matte top coat. Cure.

3. Paint a heart in black gel and cure. Fill in the heart with a thick layer of no-wipe top gel to create a 3-D effect. Cure.

4. Rub silver chrome from Aora Nails over the heart and dust off excess. Paint a key hole and cure. Seal in the heart with a layer of no-wipe top gel.

5. Apply a thin strand of Missu Jewelry Gel and add caviar beads to create a necklace. Cure.

Vanessa Mendes, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada @nailcotics

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