Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that pedicure services have to go into hibernation, says Jennifer LeBlanc, director of marketing for Salon Rootz in Medina, Ohio. “Our clients may be bundled into warm socks and clunky boots, but there are still plenty of reasons to show off pedicured toes,” she says. “Our marketing efforts focus on good-looking toes for holiday parties where opened-toed shoes are typically a must. They also center around providing relief for cold, aching feet that have been stuffed into boots all day long.”

Salon Rootz typically employs its cold-weather pedicure marketing strategies from November through February. “Once March comes around, we kick off spring with our annual Beach Week, which turns the focus back to beach-ready toes,” LeBlanc says.

Scripting at the front desk and cross-selling among staff is absolutely crucial, she notes. “Clients can’t purchase what they are not constantly reminded about. This is especially important while color clients are processing. It just takes a simple reminder like, ‘Julie, it is so cold outside, wouldn’t a warm foot bath and massage feel incredible today?’

“The power of standing appointments is also our ally in the cold winter months,” she says. “Devoted clients don’t dare give up their standing appointments with their beloved technician.”

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