1. Paint one coat of white gel (Akzentz Luxio Polar) and cure.

2. Paint one coat of mint green (Akzentz Luxio Wink) and do not cure. Use Akzentz Gel Play Tidal Teal to paint sparkles on the right side of the nail.

3. Use a dotting brush and a no-wipe top coat to place three rows of subtle clear dots over the Tidal Teal sparkles. Cure.  

4. Use Gel Play’s Bling-On Gel to place the Swarovski crystals from the middle to the left of the nail. Cure. Apply Akzentz Shine-On Top Gloss around the crystals, but do not polish over them. Cure.

Lisa Samad, LMS Designs Nail Suite, Stafford, Va. @lmsdesignsnails

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