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Leather and Turquoise Belt Nail Art

by Staff Writer | December 19, 2017

1. Start with a nude gel-polish of your choice sealed with a matte top coat. With a small hole punch, punch out several holes of black Empower Nail Art Film (or nail film
of your choice).

2. Lay the punched holes across the nail as depicted in the photo. Apply a matte top coat only over the Empower Nail Art Film. Leave uncured.

3. Apply individual pieces of large silver glitter, half circles, and one silver stud in the center. Then cure the matte top coat. Seal the entire nail with matte topcoat and cure.

4. For the buckle nail, start with a nude gel-polish sealed with matte top coat. Mix black gel with acrylic powder until you have a moldable paste. Place a small amount of the black mixture on top of the nail and press it down using 99% alcohol and a rubber stamp. Place pieces of turquoise in the desired area. Leave uncured.

5. Using a silicon tool, push or remove any excess gel paste mixture to create the shape of a belt buckle. Clean up around the sides and cure.

6. Seal around the edges of the turquoise and the gel mixture with matte top coat and cure.

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