The most noticeable difference between CND Shellac and its gel polish category contenders, is the lack of buffing or filing on the surface of the nail. With elimination of the necessity for filing, CND Shellac the brand, gives clients a service that eliminates accidental nail damage when performed properly.

For application of CND Shellac, the nails should not be buffed to remove shine or smooth the surface. When it comes to removal, the top coat seal does not need to be broken with a file. Since there is no surface filing and buffing needed, the nails should not be getting thinner, weaker, or sporting white spots of damage.

What can you do to ensure that CND Shellac will magically melt of the nails every single time?

  • Apply the product according to manufacturer instructions, using the CND lamp and base, color, top coat components.
  • Use Offly Fast remover on the CND Foil Remover Wraps with the cotton pad fully saturated.
  • Wrap the pads tightly around each thumb and finger, encouraging clients to keep the hands still and avoid bumping the wraps lose.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes if using Xpress5 top coat or 8 minutes with Original top coat.
  • Gently massage the fingernail through each wrap and remove one at a time. Should there be any remaining product, hold a polish remover pad in place over the nail with Offly Fast to finish dissolving the product.
  • Use the polish remover pad saturated with Offly Fast to gently rub the nail clean.

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