1. Apply light gray acrylic paint and allow to dry. Sponge on watered-down white acrylic paint for a foggy effect. Repeat.

2. Use darker gray to paint twiggy trees in the distance with a thin striping brush. Repeat this step a couple more times with a progression of darker grays.

3. Sponge thin white paint onto the tip of the nail to create snow-covered ground.For the foreground, paint trees with black acrylic paint to frame the nails. Mix gray, brown, red, and orange paint, and dab onto the branches to create foliage.

4. Paint the deer’s body with medium brown. Add highlights and shadows. Paint snow with white acrylic paint to cover feet and sparsely dot white specks all over the nail for snow fall. Apply Seche Vite top coat.

Nicoya Grobman, Santa Cruz, Calif. @coyarose

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