1. Apply two coats of aqua gel-polish (Vetro Crysta Aqua B244). Cure each coat.

2. Apply a thin coat of Vetro Extension Clear and do not cure. Cut silver holographic transfer foil into different size strips and carefully place on the nail. Cure. Apply top coat and cure.

3. Paint an off-center snowflake with Vetro White 23. Paint half-circle outlines in two opposite corners and do not cure. Pour clear acrylic powder over the nail to sugar coat the design and cure. Dust off excess acrylic.

4. Apply a thin layer of Vetro Extension Clear to the top and bottom of the nail. Do not cure. Place rhinestones on sticky areas and cure. Use a liner brush and apply Extension Clear around the edges of the rhinestones to secure. Cure again.

Nina Blanchard, Lansing, Mich. @naild_by_nina

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