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Pudding and Presents Nail Art Tutorials

by NLS Staff | November 17, 2017

Easy Pudding

1.     Apply brown polish and top it with a matte top coat.

2.    Place a bead of white acrylic at the cuticle area, making sure your bead is wet enough to create a dripping effect. Allow it to set and top with a tack-free top coat.

3.    Place three red Swarovski Crystal Pixies on the white “icing.”

4.    Make two leaves with green acrylic and adhere to the icing, next to the Crystal Pixies.

Christmas Wrapping

1.    Polish the nail with a red glitter polish. Cure.

2.    Apply a second coat of red glitter polish. Sprinkle red and green chunky glitter at an angle on the tip. Cure. Apply a tack-free top coat and cure.

3.    Apply white acrylic diagonally and horizontally in a cross pattern. Flatten the acrylic using the belly of your brush.

4.    Make a small rectangle in white acrylic on a nail form. Allow this to set so you can pick it up and make a U-shape for the center of your bow. Using white acrylic, make several more rectangles, but give them pointed ends. Once these have set enough to pick up, fold them in the middle so that the ends touch, creating a half bow. Place these all around your U center.

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