Kokoist president Koko Kashiwagi created this marbled, jeweled design using Kokoist Gem Gel and gold foil.

1. Prep the nail and apply a Kokoist straight C-curve tip. Blend the tip and remove dust. Using the Flat Brush, apply Platinum Bond over the nail and tip. Cure.

2. Apply Excel Builder. Turn the hand palm up to let the gel move towards the apex. Flip back, let the builder self-level, and cure.

3. Apply the base color (E-76) and cure. Using the Short Liner Brush, drop a small amount of black (E-2) in three to four areas.

4. Smear the black using the Small Tap Brush. Using the Short Liner Brush, add a very small amount of black for more definition. Remove tackiness.

5. Draw lines and a frame (E-2) for the Gem Gel. Cure.

6. Apply Gold Foil on the black.

7. Fill in the frame with Gem Gel (G-3) and cure. Apply top coat and cure.

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