Probelle Natural Fungal Nail Gel Treatment is a natural fungal nail restoration product designed for clients who have toenails or fingernails affected by nail fungus. The formula heals the fungus by penetrating the nail plate with coconut oil and a blend of other ingredients. A six-week long clinical study showed that 94.3% of the users of the fungal nail gel treatment experienced relief in their discomfort and itching, as well as a reduction of nail thickness and nail discoloration, according to the company.

Users are recommended to rub the gel around the nail and cuticle area once a day. As a nail tech, you can apply the liquid to the client’s nails and then retail the gel to the customer. To use, wash hands and wear a glove to apply to affected areas. Rub the gel around the nail and cuticle area and let dry. Remove gloves and wash hands again.

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