1. Apply base coat and cure. Working from cuticle to free edge, paint a gradient using dark brown (Presto AM07), burnt orange (Presto 56), peach (Presto AM04), and yellow (Ageha 10). Create an ombre using horizontal brush strokes. Cure. Apply Bio Seaweed No-Wipe Top Coat and cure.

2. Paint a saguaro cactus using a thin liner brush and medium brown (presto AM08). Use a small dotting tool to make a border around the nail. Cure.

3. Use Presto Bambina AL2 to add gold details to the cactus. With a slightly smaller dotting tool, add gold on top of the first round of dots. With the same dotting tool, add dots to the sky. Use your thin liner brush to paint one twinkling star. Cure. Finish with Presto Matte Top Gel.

Chi Chi Heinmiller, Portland, Ore. @bestnailsclub

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