Salons implementing dual-use setups — where clients can receive manicures and pedicures at the same time in the pedicure chair — are on the rise. The setup enables salons to service more clients in less space and also gets clients in and out faster, both of which boost revenues. But what about the ergonomics of the design and the comfort of the nail tech? We contacted several salon owners who have experience with dual-use stations to see how they were able ensure their techs’ comfort.  

Sugar & Co., Los Angeles

Sean Davoodian, owner: “We make sure the dual-use setup is comfortable because we ask our techs! Our mani tables are adjustable, allowing the technician to lift and adjust based on each client’s arm length. Being that our mani tables are also custom-made, we were able to try out a few different options before choosing the setup we currently have.

 After the first option didn’t work out, we went back to the drawing board and discussed with our techs how to make the setup more comfortable. We took apart the setup we had then and adjusted the table top portion until a solution was agreed upon. Once we had a unanimous vote from all our techs, we put in an order for a brand new setup. Taking our techs’ opinions into consideration has allowed us to become one big “Sugar Squad” working toward a common goal.

A major benefit of this setup is time. We’re able to schedule more appointments because we save so much time. Instead of having one technician work on both a mani and pedi for a single client, we assign two techs and the client is done in half the time. We are located on one of the busiest streets in L.A. where there are many corporate offices. This setup has allowed a lot of our corporate clientele to pay us a visit during their lunch break, making it easy, quick, and convenient.”

Bellacures, Los Angeles

Samira Far, founder: “While our manicures and pedicures are done at the same time to provide convenience and comfort to our clients, we provide different chairs for our manicurists to make them more comfortable.  The tech doing the pedicure uses a low-cushioned pedicure cart so she is at the level of the customer’s feet, which rest on an elevated pad.  This means the tech doesn’t have to bend over. The manicurist is provided with a taller stool that can be adjusted to her liking to help with posture, so no matter the tech’s height she can sit up straight.”

Paloma, Houston 

Maryam Naderi,  owner: “The stools the techs sit on were custom designed to be the right height so there would be minimal leaning or bending over for the average-height female — which is the majority of our techs. Some of our taller techs choose to do manicures at the tables instead. Our clients want to get in and out and our setup allows them to get a comfortable manicure and pedicure in an hour — which is sometimes the only amount of time they have. While it may not be as perfect as getting two services done separately, it does work and we don’t compromise the quality of the service with this setup.” 

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