Nail technicians are no stranger to clients who come in with dehydrated nails. The Easy On Nail Matrix Shield helps reduce dehydrated nails by shielding more than 50% of the natural nail, which results in less drying, cracking, chipping, and loss of nail during the removal process. When used properly, the Matrix Shield will help protect the nail. It will help with removing the application later, promoting less damage to the nail and nail matrix. Here's how to properly apply it and enter to win your own Nail Matrix Shield below!

Step 1

Prep and buff the nail.

Step 2

Apply the Matrix Shield. Remember to keep the Matrix Shield overlay toward the middle of the nail.

Step 3

Apply extensions, tips, or product over the shield.  

Step 4                                                                                                           

Add top coat. Repeat application of product and design for each nail. If you add an Easy On Nail Wrap, remember to bevel the edge or tip of the nail and cap with a clear top coat.

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