Using disposable products like Disposable Brushes benefits clients who are concerned about safe salon sanitation. No more worrying about keeping bottle caps clean or cross-contaminating nail polish brushes! Before each polish application, simply insert a new Disposable Brush into your Comfort Grip Brush Holder. Once the application is complete, remove, dispose, and insert a new Disposable Brush.

“This product has changed the way students are learning. We’ve always had strong focus on offering clients a clean spa environment, but Disposable Brushes has brought our aesthetics program and learning environment to the next level.” - Brigitte, Aesthetics Professor and Program Coordinator

How to use these single-use brushes for every manicure and pedicure.

Step 1: Pour your base coat, polish color and top coat into separate wells in your Ceramic Polish Tray.

Step 2: Insert a Disposable Brush into Comfort Fit Brush Holder.

Step 3: Apply polish. Between polish changes, wipe brush with acetone infused cotton pad(s).

Step 4: Using a cotton pad, snap off Disposable Brush and dispose into trash in front of client.


Reasons to switch to Disposable Brushes

  • Disposable Brushes and ceramic nail polish trays have been tested and modeled for precision and comfort by nail technicians around the globe.
  • They’re convenient and easy to use.
  • Application is smooth — no need to get used to a different brush for every brand of polish.
  • Offer your clients the best by going above and beyond government sterility standards.

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