1. Paint a base coat of white gel and cure to ensure the neon yellow is as bright as possible. Paint two coats of neon yellow gel. Cure each coat and wipe away tacky layer.

2. Use black gel to paint a thin outline of the nail, creating an oblong eye shape in the center. Cure.

3. Coat the nail with a clear gel and do not cure. Cut a marquee shape out of reflective paper and place on the wet layer horizontally in middle of eye design. Cure it in place and encapsulate with another layer of clear gel. Cure.

4. Using black gel, outline the black marquee shape of reflective paper, and paint a thin line down the middle. Use a small amount of black gel to create thin lines shooting out of all sides of the reflective paper. Add lots of thin red and purple lines to accompany the black lines. Apply top coat and cure.

Mary Wolf, Burbank, Calif. @nail_wolf

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