1. “I want my nails shellacked”

Teach clients that Shellac is a specific brand of gel-polish. Clients can look up CND Shellac-offering salons here.

2. “Do you use a Dremel?”

Explain to clients why you do or don’t e-file and that a Dremel is a brand of power tool and should not be used for a nail service.

3. “I’m wearing powdered Shellac.”


Inform clients that Shellac is purely a gel-polish and that powdered nail products are a different system altogether. 

4. “Don’t cut my cuticles.”


Point out the eponychium on your client’s nail. Explain that “cuticle” and “eponychium” are often confused. Inform your clients that you are removing debris from the nail plate and that you never push the eponychium back or cut off the healthy skin.

5. “Buff these ridges off.”

Explain to clients that buffing the nail plate cannot remove ridges. The nail plate develops shallow grooves and it’s normal to see these. Thinning the nail plate will weaken it and cause products to adhere poorly.

6. “My nails are too short for Shellac.”

Nails by Holly Schippers

Nails by Holly Schippers

Nails by Holly Schippers

Nails by Holly Schippers

Show your clients that Shellac can dress up any length of nail. Pull out pictures you’ve taken of other clients or from social media showing all the possibilities for natural nails. If length is what your client is after, suggest she try enhancements.

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