1. Start by creating the 3-D MTV logo. After placing a nail form on the backside of the nail form paper, draw the M on the shiny side of the paper. Make two Ms and a few sides, and attach them together using sculpting gel. Fill with more sculpting gel as needed to make it solid on all sides.

2. Hand file, buff, or e-file into perfect shape, then use gel-polish to paint the yellow and purple on the M. Cure, apply gel top coat, and lightly buff to a matte finish.

3. Using the same technique as for the M, create the Rolling Stones mouth on the form paper by drawing it out first. Hand-paint the details with gel-polish. Create the TV letters in the same way. Shape as needed after curing. Attach the TV letters and the mouth to the M using nail glue.

4. Apply two coats of black gel-polish to a long lipstick-shaped nail tip. Cure.

5. Use your preferred method and products for the chrome pigment process. I used Exclusive Nail Couture ShineE Gel and Wildflowers Chrome Pigment.

6. Create a splatter effect with gel-polish by applying it on one end of a straw and quickly blowing through the other end of the straw to splatter it onto the nail. Cure in between each color, and apply gel top coat only over bigger splatter areas. Apply gel top coat over entire nail (keeping it shiny), and attach the MTV logo with sculpting gel.

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