Nail tech Jill Wilson has had success dressing up a lollipop in ghosts’ garb to generate new referrals. “Nail techs can give out this fall-themed card to salon and spa clients who have not received nail services,” say Wilson, the nail department consultant for Summit Salon Business Center. “It’s a simple way to introduce yourself and your nail services. I’ve also dropped these off at local businesses to generate new customers. You can even hand them out to moms trick-or-treating with their kids on Halloween.”

The ghosts are inexpensive and easy to make: Cover a lollipop with a facial tissue and secure the tissue with a tiny rubber band. Draw eyes with a black marker and tie on a decorative ribbon. Punch two holes in your referral card and secure the ghost lollipop through the holes. “Keep your card simple and use cardstock so it’s not flimsy. Include your name, salon logo, phone number, address, and web address,” she says. “I also recommend including an expiration date of four weeks to create a call to action.”

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