1. Apply sheer pink gel over the nail and cure. Use white gel and a long liner brush to draw uneven lines down the nail. Dip a shorter liner brush into alcohol and dab over the white lines gently. Cure.

2. Apply sheer pink gel over the entire nail and cure. Draw two more uneven lines. Take a square gel brush and carefully drag and fray the edges of the line. Cure.

3. Take Sharpies in two different shades of pink and make random marks on the nail.

4. Use a short liner brush dipped in alcohol and paint lightly over the Sharpie marks. Let the colors bleed and dry for 20 seconds. Apply a layer of sheer pink gel and cure.

5. Repeat step two to brighten the lines. Cure.

Beatrice Nemiro, The Acrylic Nail, New York City @theacrylicnail

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