Bio Seaweed Gel’s new Bio-Swift is a soak-off gel enhancement system with new reverse nail tip forms that can help you create the perfect gel nail structure every time.

1. Prep natural nails by pushing back cuticles, buffing, and cleansing with alcohol.

2. Pick and size a Bio-Swift tip slightly larger than the natural nail.

3. Apply two beads of Bio-Swift Builder using the Bio-Swift Spatula. Gently fill the tip to the desired length with the help of the length guide.

4. Attach the tip to the nail gently, starting from the cuticle in a downward motion. Stay one hairline below the cuticle to avoid product flooding. Lightly brush away excess gel underneath to ensure a smooth, even application.

5. Cure the nail surface for 60 seconds in an LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp. Cure underneath for 60 seconds.

6. Swift-off and reveal your perfect C-Curve. Use alcohol to cleanse both the top and bottom of the enhancement.

7. Shape and buff the free edge — no need to file the nail surface.

8. Design your Bio-Swift extensions with color and art or finish by applying BSG No-Wipe Top Coat to the surface and underneath the enhancement.

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