Nail Design

Antique Amulet Nail Art Design

by NLS Staff | September 13, 2017

Johnson City, Tenn.-based nail artist and NAILS Next Top Nail Artist competitor Toody Tolley created this delicate, old-fashioned 3-D jeweled design using gel-polish, foil, and stones.

1. Apply two coats of a dark base color.

2. Apply a layer of gel top coat. Do not cure. In a soft “V” shape, place five dots of a metallic gel into the uncured top coat.

3. Drag a striping brush through the dots to create a “petal” effect. Once the desired look is achieved, cure. Top coat again and cure. Cleanse the inhibition layer with alcohol and lightly buff away the shine on the nail.

4. Using CND Shellac in Black Pool and a striping brush, paint the outline for the “frame” at the base of the nail. Cure. Use transfer foil to emboss the frame. Top coat again and cure.

5. Use a jewel-toned gel-polish to fill in the frames and create the gems. Do not cure.

6. Apply crushed shells or stones into the uncured gems. Once completed, cure. Using a dotting tool or brush, apply a clear, thick-viscosity gel to cover the shells and create a 3-D stone, or amulet. Cure and remove inhibition layer.

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