Your bling box is at the top of your emergency list of what to grab in case of...

You have more pictures of nails on your computer than you do of your family.

You see your better half walking around with rock star toes.

Your husband finds glitter in his laundry and he hasn't been to the "gentleman's club."

You will not wear sandals if your feet are not done.

Nails by Denise Heavner

Nails by Denise Heavner

Your kids start suggesting things you can embed every time you go to Michael's.

You pay more attention to the hands of the actresses on TV and in movies than you do the scenes.

Your dogs are walking around with mylar stuck to them.

Every night you lay awake thinking of new designs to do on your nails until it makes you so crazy you have to get up and draw it on a piece of paper before you can get some sleep.

You have a bottle of nail glue glued to the console of your car.

You do the bulk of you Christmas shopping at the beauty supply.

You have a whole room in your house dedicated to nail supplies.

You walk around with all 10 nails different designs and shapes.

Your small children tell their grade school teacher how bad her nails are and that "you should go to my mommy."

Instead of checking out the guy, you check out his nails.

Nails by @pinkdu5t

Nails by @pinkdu5t

You use your old e-file to trim your dog’s nails.

There's glitter in the cat's litter box.

You fix the chip in the Turkey platter with clear acrylic.

You fix your brother’s chipped tooth with acrylic and he tells you it looks better then when the dentist did it.

Wherever you go, whatever you see, you wonder how that pattern could work for you on someone's nails.

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