Anything apart from your average full set should be charged for, including any shape different from square-shaped nails. I usually start shapes at $10. You have to value your work! When it takes more time and effort, you need to charge!
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I do not charge for basic shapes (square, almond, squoval, ballerina, round). For specialty shapes (stiletto, edge, pipe, etc.) or extra long length I charge because those shapes and lengths require more skill, time, and product.
Caroline Garcia
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I never charge for shape. Not everyone likes square, which is usually the shape of the tip. I do charge $5-$10 extra for more length, as it requires extra product.
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I charge in increments of $5. For instance, a full set is $35 and it includes square with medium length because I’m not having to put much work and time into it. The moment I have to do almond, stiletto, ballerina, or anything altering the square shape I will charge $5 for time to alter and if nails are longer, another $5 because I have to use more product. So a client walks out with $35-$50 for a set, not including designs.
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No. It’s always a part of the service.
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I don’t charge extra for shaping nails; it’s included in the price of the nails. For example, if a client wants stilettos, I sculpt stiletto nails. Shaping or filing shouldn’t be an a la carte service if they’re already paying for a full set or fill.
Tracie McNeal
WildSide Nailz
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Yes, I charge an extra $5 for any shape that’s not square. When I learn the edge shape, it will be an extra $10.
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Yes, we charge an extra $10 for shaping and longer lengths.
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No, I don’t charge extra. I book and charge the service. I don’t do a la carte services, except for art.
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