Artist’e by Bio Seaweed Gel gives traditional color gel an easy-to-control water color effect, creating marble, striped, flower, and airbrushed looks instantly. Bio Seaweed Gel educator Courtney Haines created this rose design. Follow her on Instagram @exhalehatenaildesign.

1. Prep nails as usual. Apply one coat of Base-1 and cure. Apply base color and cure. This design uses Bio Seaweed Gel 3Step Colour gel-polish in #01 White Gel, #22 Shooting Star, and #52 Whimsical. Apply a thin coat of Artist’e. Do not cure.

2. Using the contrasting gel color #1008 Sarah and the BSG Diamond Nail Art Brush Liner 1, start the center of the rose, working as quickly as you can while keeping the lines smaller than you want the flower to be.

3. Add petals to your roses. Remember that the petals will spread the longer the color sits on Artist’e!

4. Artist’e will continue to melt and the petals will automatically be created. When the desired look is achieved, cure the entire hand. Finish with No Wipe Top Coat and cure.

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