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Utah Nail Tech Designs Nails for Mrs. America Contestant

by NLS Staff | August 18, 2017

St. George, Utah-based nail tech and So Gel educator Becky Bunnell recently enjoyed doing Mrs. Utah's nails for the Mrs. America Pageant. “The contestant, Brittany Hollinshead, was a referral from a client,” explains Bunnell. “She looked at my Facebook page and then messaged me for an appointment. I was so honored.”

Bunnell has her own connection with pageants: She completed in pageants herself in the past, as did her oldest daughter, and she was a pageant director for one year in her town growing up. She loved hearing about Hollinshead’s experience with the pageant. “She has an amazing story and platform,” says Bunnell. “She's very active in the community.  She has also served in the military and is a full-time student with four kids!”

“The hardest part was trying to decide on the color, because we wanted to get it right and not have the nails be the main focus,” adds Bunnell. “We decided together on active length tapered square (because she is more of a tomboy, she says) and a nude color, so as to not take away from her but still look polished and groomed.” Bunnell used So Simple hard gel by So Gel for Hollinshead’s enhancements and Light Elegance Nude With an Attitude for the color. Hollinshead will compete in the Mrs. America Pageant in Las Vegas August 26.

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