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Peach Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

by NLS Staff | August 18, 2017

Veronica Caballero of Aurora, Ill., created this peach ombre with gold tape and stones that give it an extra glow. Get the steps here and follow Caballero for more on Instagram (@nailfashionista_veronica).

1. Create an ombre using acrylic powders. Mia Secret Papaya Night Glow in the Dark Nail Art Powder is pictured here. File, buff, and cleanse nails for stone and charm application.

2. Apply gold striping tape to the center of the nail, leaving space for rhinestones.

3. Pour a drop of Stone and Charm resin at each end of the gold nail strip and place one rhinestone on each end.

4. Apply three rhinestones on the index and ring fingers with resin using different colors and sizes. Place one stone on the tip of the nails.

5. Glue a lion nail charm on the bottom of the pinkie, leaving a little space around the cuticle area. Seal nails with top coat for a beautiful shine, making sure to seal around stones and charm for extra adhesion. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED Light.

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