Do you use Twitter at your salon? Though it may surprise you, Twitter can be a useful tool for techs. While the platform’s 140-character limit forces you to keep things short and sweet, it can be used to fill openings in your books, share information about specials, post photos of your work, and more.

Take a moment to learn what each of the elements of the “tweet box” does so you can maximize your tweeting potential.

A. This is your Twitter profile picture. That seems obvious, but it can be helpful in making sure that you are logged into the correct account. You don’t want to post a rant meant for your personal account to your business page!

B. This box is where you type your tweet. As you type, you will see the character count going down in real time on the bottom right of the box.

C. Click this little smiley face if you want to add an emoji to your tweet. Using emojis from a desktop computer (instead of your phone) can be tricky, so this helps you find that unicorn icon you wanted to add.

D. Want to include a photo with your tweet? Clicking on the camera icon will let you upload one of your own images.

E. Sometimes you just have to express yourself through an animated GIF. Click the GIF button, then use the search bar or browse to find the perfect image. Because what tweet isn’t made better by a GIF of Rihanna showing off her manicure?

F. If you’re looking for input from your Twitter followers, try a poll. Click this button to open up some additional options, including adding poll choices as well as how long you want people to be able to vote on it.

G. This button turns on location services, so you can add a city or neighborhood to your tweet. This can be a great tool for businesses looking to drive local traffic. If you want to get more specific with your whereabouts, you’ll have to tweet from the Twitter app on iOS or Android phones.

H. This is the character count for the tweet that you are composing. Tweets are limited to 140 characters (including spaces and hashtags), so this counts down as you type and lets you know how much you have left to work with.

I. Click the Tweet button to send your message out to the world.

Sarah Waite

Sarah Waite

NAILS’ social media columnist Sarah Waite is a licensed nail tech and the creator of the popular nail art website Follow her on Instagram @chalkboardnails.


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