1. Elizabeth Morris tells it like it is. 

Nothing is sugar-coated and she takes on popular nail topics like The Russian Manicure.

2. She goes to all the industry tradeshows and reports back. 

She goes, so you don't have to. Here, she recaps Premiere Orlando.

3. She interviews the industry. 

Listen to her chat with Jasmine from Neiru here.

4. Art is at the heart.

Elizabeth talks technique and can show them off as well. As an educator, she is experienced at doing demos and is up on the latest techniques.

5. Listen anywhere.

Podcasting is great for nail techs because you can download an episode onto your phone and listen in between clients, on your way to work, or even while brushing your teeth. If you fall behind, just binge listen. 

6. Stay Relevant

With new episodes coming biweekly, you'll be in the know about everything in the industry and will benefit from Elizabeth's business background. We'll be placing new episodes on NAILSTV, so you will be able to view there as well. 

Happy listening!

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