PS Salon & Spa focuses on a population that needs special care: seniors in retirement communities. The salon company has been operating since 2008 and now runs 685 salons across the country. Salon designs are adapted to fit elders’ needs. “We have a whole department to design the salons to be accommodating,” explains Jessica Langholz, director of field operations. “One community had a salon put in before PS Salon & Spa, and they designed the pedicure chairs too high so they were hard for the seniors to get into,” Langholz says. “Now we partner on the front end before putting the salon in.”

Salon services fit the unique needs of the senior community and provide a caring space in seniors’ lives. “We are one of the few industries that touch clients,” says Langholz. “A lot of the touch that seniors in retirement communities experience is medical. We offer that caring touch that seniors often lack. All our salons offer hand and arm massages as part of the services.”

Seniors’ delicate skin is another important consideration. “As you age, skin loses moisture,” explains Langholz. To combat that issue, the company has its own proprietary line of moisture gloves and socks. In addition, nail techs are trained to be aware of seniors’ unique medical concerns. For example, many clients are diabetic or on blood thinners, so nail techs know that it’s safest to push cuticles back rather than use removal products. All staff members are CARES-certified through the Alzheimer’s Association and HealthCare Interactive.

Nail techs enjoy the environment of the salons as well. “When you look at the perks, the seniors have to be number one,” says Langholz. “They’re amazing individuals.” Work hours end at 5 p.m. and typically don’t include weekend hours — another plus for techs. Because the retirement communities have hundreds of residents, it’s easy for nail techs to build up a clientele of regulars. To get the word out about new staff, PS Salon & Spa creates a biography to distribute to the community to let residents know a new tech is taking clients. Family and friends can buy gift cards to the salon for their loved ones, and the salons hold events to familiarize residents with the nail techs. “We hold a Mani and Mimosa event that’s very popular,” says Lorra Gosselin, director of marketing. “When we partner with a community, we don’t just focus on beauty, we partner with the whole community.”

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