Glendale, Ariz.-based nail tech Vickie Fugate heeded the call when she learned that the Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership (H.E.L.P), an organization supporting Arizona’s homeless population, was looking for beauty professionals to staff an upcoming event. H.E.L.P. had volunteers lined up to provide haircuts and skin care to more than 200 homeless women in the Phoenix area, but had not considered nail services. Fugate, a member of the Arizona Nail Technician’s Network, took it upon herself to volunteer, then reached out to her fellow members and assembled a group to pitch in.

“All of the techs really enjoyed working together. Even though we didn’t know each other well because we are from all over Arizona, we came together as a cohesive team and we felt proud of our contribution,” Fugate says. “When the women first walked in the door, many were quiet and kept to themselves with their heads down. But when they sat down at our tables, some shared their stories and many talked about how they couldn’t believe they were in their current situation. By the time they left they were smiling and feeling uplifted — and we were feeling humbled and blessed.”

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