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Gel II Cat Eye Reaction Tutorial

by NLS Staff | July 24, 2017

Gel II’s Magnetic Cat Eye Reaction Gel Polish lets you create fierce nail designs with magnetic gel-polish that also changes color. Simply hold the magnet over the wet gel-polish for three to five seconds to create the cat eye effect. The playful shades also react to your changing body temperature. For a fast transition that will wow the crowd, place hands under warm or cold water and watch them change right before your eyes.

1. Apply a coat of Cat Eye Reaction gel-polish to prepared nails and cure under the Gel II Pro-Cure LED lamp for 50 seconds.

2. Apply a second coat of Cat Eye Reaction gel-polish and hold the magnet at an angle over the wet polish for three to five seconds. Cure for 50 seconds.

3. Apply Gel II No-Cleanse Top Coat and cure for 50 seconds.

4. Repeat to create the effect on the desired number of nails.

Tip: If you need to redo a nail, simply apply a second thin coat of gel-polish. It will “erase” the cat eye effect and you can start fresh.

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