1. Using Exclusive Nail Couture yellow gel-polish in 160 and the Ugly Duckling Striper II brush, paint a large triangle at the tip of the nail. On either side of the nail, paint two outlines of a triangle. Do not cure.

2. With a striper detailer brush, apply a small amount of black gel-polish to the yellow triangle, which should spread and create a marble effect. Cure.

3. Using a striper brush and Ugly Duckling black gel-polish in 43, outline the large triangle. On the either side of the nail, add filled-in black triangles inside of the yellow outlines and create an “X” between the large and small triangles. Cure.

4. Secure three AB Swarovski crystals in the center of the nail with nail glue, the largest at the center of the “X.” Finish with Ugly Duckling Matte Top Coat and cure.

Ria Parsbey, Talon Nail Bar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada @talonnailbaryyc

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