Christrio’s easy-to-use 3-D Molding Gel is activated with water only—no monomer or alcohol needed. It’s available in 24 colors and will not set until cured, giving nail artists plenty of time to create masterpieces.

1. Prep nail, then apply a bright mint base color in Christrio Q.Gloss Gel Polish No. 70. Place a gem onto the nail with adhesive.

2. Dampen your gel brush in room temperature water. Create a small flower petal by applying light pressure to the Molding Gel with your brush. This flower was created using Molding Gel in color #004, a bright reddish pink.

3. Place the petal around the gem. The Molding Gel will stay in place when dampened lightly with water before applying. Cure in an LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV lamp for one minute.

4. Create another petal larger than the previous petal. Place this petal on the other side of the gem to begin building the flower. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or one minute in a UV lamp.

5. Continue creating more petals to make the flower look fuller and more realistic. Layer petals at different angles around the gem. With a brush, make slight indents on the petals to create organic grooves. Flash-cure each petal before applying the next petal.

6. Using Molding Gel in #022, a bright green, begin creating the shape of a leaf. Add small textured details to the leaf for a realistic finish. Use the Christrio Spatula to create the indents and snip the edges with cuticle scissors. Flash-cure.

7. Lightly dampen the brush and apply the leaf details onto the sides of the flower. Add as many leaves as you would like.

8. Finally, cure for three minutes. You’ve now created a realistic 3-D flower!

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